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Series One
Series One, LLC is an engineering consulting firm that specializes in plastics materials, processing and sustainability development and support. Our reach into the plastics supply chain gives us the opportunity to leverage our knowledge and contacts to bring value to our partners. Our projects range from R&D and production support to technology commercialization and implementation, as well as manufacturing and plastics training and workforce development.
Our Team


Eve Vitale

Founder, Engineering Consultant


Chief Executive - SPE Foundation


Mark Richardson

Co-founder, Engineering Consultant


Dr. Terri Lynch-Caris

Engineering Consultant


Dana Warnez

Project Associate



Series One can help your company in the areas of plastic materials selection, design development, process design and improvement, and sustainability. We’re innovators with many years of design and process improvement experience. We also offer continuing education for companies seeking a broader understanding of plastics and related processes.  We can work directly with your company or in collaboration with local academic institutions to provide certificate-level training.

Plastics Recycling

Plastics Recycling
Our work is in sustainability and manufacturing process design and improvement. We work to minimize plastic post-industrial waste and to recycle what can’t be eliminated, creating valuable durable goods in a financially and ecologically sustainable manner. Our nationwide network of like-minded colleagues and companies helps us to solve difficult and persistent recycling challenges in a wide variety of industries.


Our advocacy work in the plastics industry has led us to the PLASTICS Industry Association. Series One, as a member, is involved in multiple projects.

  • Recycling Committee

    • New End Market Opportunities (NEMO) project

    • Transportation and Industrial Plastics (TIP) Committee

  • End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) project

    • Automotive Post-Consumer bumper fascia recycling​

  • Advanced Recycling Committee

  • Refocus Sustainability Conference




Series One is deeply ingrained in the plastics community through membership in The PLASTICS Industry Association and The Society of Plastics Engineers. These connections give us the ability to benefit our partners through opportunities which other companies and industries have to offer. We regularly work with a broad range of raw material suppliers, processors, equipment manufacturers, and OEMs.

Clients Current and past



Green Current Solutions

Noble Polymers

Technical Process and Engineering, Inc.

SIPI, Inc.

Compositform, LLC

Guardian Composites, LLC


WestRich, LLC

Living Lands and Waters

LT Resources

PLASTICS Industry Association

SPE & SPE Foundation

Bay Mills Community College

Filtration Services Group


Our passion is to educate students of all ages to the value that plastics play in our modern life and to encourage them to join us in solving issues related to our use and disposal of plastics by considering a career in the plastics industry. This is accomplished through the Society of Plastics Engineers Foundation and its educational programs including PlastiVan®, a national STEM education program that is “changing the perception of plastics one classroom at a time.” 
PlastiVan® at Penn College
Series One Community Education 


Contact Us
Let us help you with your sustainability challenges.  Whether it's materials, processes, or training and education, we will leverage our tools and our network for you.
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Eve Vitale

Founder, Engineering Consultant

Chief Executive - SPE Foundation


Mark Richardson Headshot 1_23_20.jpg
Mark Richardson
Co-founder, Engineering Consultant
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